Terms And Conditions


The present general terms of sale (the "Terms and Conditions") are concluded between D4Designs and any person without business purposes (the “Client“) wishing to make a purchase on the Web site or in the store (hereafter named as the “Parties“).
The Parties convene that the present Terms and Conditions govern exclusively their relation. D4Designs reserves the right to modify punctually the Terms and Conditions. They will be applicable from their on-line publishing.

01 - Object

The Terms and Conditions aim at defining the selling terms between D4Designs and the Client, from the placement of the order up to after-sales services, through payment and delivery.

02 - Products

Products governed by the present Terms and Conditions are the ones which appear on the Web site and which are indicated as sold and sent by D4Designs (“Products“). They are proposed while stocks last. 
Products are described and presented with the biggest possible accuracy. However if errors or omissions occur as for this presentation, the responsibility of D4Designs shall not be committed. 
The photos of Products are not contractual.

03 - Pricing Disclaimer

All prices and fees on the website are subject to change without prior notice. However a price cannot be once modified the order of the Client validated.

04 – Online sales and home delivery

4.1. Shipping and delivery policy

D4Designs LLC delivers to all areas in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sharjah and other Emirates except for locations classified as “out of delivery“ area.
The following are the locations considered as “out of delivery“ areas:


  • Al Quaz area;
  • Al Barshi;
  • Al Darari;
  • Badia;
  • Dhaid;
  • Hamriya area;
  • Maliha;
  • Masafi;
  • Muwafjaa;
  • Ramakia;
  • Ramsa;
  • Rifaa;
  • Sajaa;
  • Suweihad;
  • Talaa;
  • Tarfana.


  • Manama;
  • After Central Jail;
  • Halu area;
  • Khan Sahab area;
  • Moihaid.
  • Al Hail Area;
  • Al Jeer;
  • Al Manae;
  • Al Siji Area;
  • Burairath;
  • Hamranya;
  • Khath;
  • Manama;
  • Shawkha.
  • AL AIN:
  • Yahar;
  • Abu Samra;
  • Al Faqa;
  • Al Foah;
  • Ah Hayar;
  • Al Oha;
  • Al Qua;
  • Al Ramah;
  • Al Saad;
  • Bada;
  • Far Hili;
  • Gharaiyah;
  • Hili Khalaif;
  • Khatam Shiklah;
  • Maezyad;
  • Nahel;
  • Nema;
  • Salymat;
  • Um Mugafah;
  • Waqan;
  • Zaqar;


  • After airport site office;
  • Al Bahia;
  • Al Falah;
  • Al Raha;
  • Al Rahba;
  • Al Reef;
  • Al Samha;
  • Al Shamkha;
  • Al Shawamekh;
  • Al Watba;
  • Baniyas;
  • Gandoot;
  • Khalifa City A;
  • Khalifa City B;
  • Yas Island;
  • Mafraq; Sahamah;
  • Shaleela;
  • Taweelah;
  • Al Khatam;
  • Suwehan;
  • Ruwais;
  • Beda Zayed;
  • Mirfa;
  • Jabel Dhana;
  • Sir Baniyas;
  • Guwaifath;
  • Liwa;
  • Asab;
  • Habsan;
  • All islands that come under Abu Dhabi jurisdiction;
  • All security controlled zones and defense areas.


  • Al Aqah area;
  • Bidya;
  • Dadna;
  • Dafta;
  • Kalba – Oman Road;
  • Kalba – Sharjah Road;
  • Khor Kalba;
  • Marbha;
  • Thoban.

The delivery fee per package is Thirty (30) Dirhams only for Dubai, Jebel Ali and Sharjah (package up to 5kg). For Abu Dhabi and other Emirates the delivery fee is Forty (40) Dirhams only (package up to 5kg). 

After confirmation of the online order, the client shall receive an email confirming the total amount for the order including the delivery fees. The number of the airway bill of the courier company shall be transmitted to the client. Upon receipt of this mail, the client must make sure that the payment is ready at the delivery address. The client may, if he wishes, track his order on the web site of the courier company. The customer may request that the package be delivered at a convenient time for him; a time frame of four (4) hours shall be fixed. Should the customer be unavailable at the agreed time and date, an additional delivery fee will be charged. 

The delivery service is contracted to a third party therefore no exchanges; returns or fractioning of the delivered items is allowed. The delivery person has no authorization to make any changes on the invoice amount or return any items to the shop. 

No cancellation is accepted after the order has been processed and picked by the courier company.

4.2. Exchange policy

Customers are advised to ascertain the size of the item/s before placing their online order. Size chart for all items are provided in the website. The size charts are only a guide and in case of hesitation, we recommend the client pass to the shop for trials. 

In instances wherein sizing issue occurs, items ordered online may be exchanged only at the shop; subject to the approval of an authorized employee. 

Exchange of items will be accepted within fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase indicated in the official receipt. Exchange will not be entertained without presenting the official receipt. 

All items presented for exchange must be in their original condition. 

No cash refund will be allowed. Any refund will be in the form of credit note, which may be redeemed within a period of six (6) months from the date of issue. 

D4Designs LLC reserves the right to disapprove any request for exchange to any or all of the items ordered online.

4.3. Payment policy

Payment shall be made in cash upon the delivery of the package. Currency accepted is UAE Dirhams only.

4.4. Prices

The prices of Products are indicated in AED.
This price does not include the delivery charges (shipping and packing costs according to the appropriate tariff). The delivery costs shall be specified on the order form before validation of the order.

4.5. Placing an Order

4.5.1 Identification of the Client

To place an order, the Client has to be identified according to mandatory fields on the on-line order form.

4.5.2 Registration and validation of the order

The Client has the possibility of placing his order on line. 
Once the basket has been validated, the Client will have to accept the Terms and Conditions and choose the address and the city of delivery.
The tariffs for delivery will afterward be indicated. The total amount corresponds to the price of the items purchased and delivery fees.
By placing an order, the Client agrees on the Products’ prices and description offered for sale.
D4Designs will acknowledge receipt of the order from its validation by the sending of e-mail.
D4Designs reserves itself the right to freeze the Client’s order in the event of an incorrect (shipping) address or any other problems occurring on his/her account until the problem is solved.

4.6. Processing of orders and delivery delays

Processing and delivery of dispatched packages is usually within 2 – 4 working days.
However, in the following cases delivery may be delayed :
• the courrier company is unable to contact the client, or the client is absent from the indicated address.
• items temporarily out of stock ; the client shall be informed by email in this case.
• during peak season : May – June and August – September D4Designs declines any responsibility for delays in delivery. Clients who undertake the delivery option, must do so with full knowledge and acceptance of this matter.

4.7. Partial delivery

In the event where one or more items are not available, a partial delivery shall be proposed to the client if he so wishes. When the remaining items shall be available, the client shall be informed. If he wishes to request a delivery for the remaining items, a delivery fee shall be charged to the client for the second delivery. Alternatively the client may choose to pick up the items from the shop.

05 - Refunds and Exchanges

5.1. Refunds

No refunds are authorized.
Returns are authorized within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase. The sales receipt is required in order to allow for returns.
A credit note shall be issued for returned items. This credit note is valid for six (6) months from the date of purchase. Credit notes can only be redeemed at the store.
Returned Products must be intact, complete, and in their original packing. D4Designs reserves the right to refuse the return of an article should the opposite occur.

5.2. Exchange

Exchanges will be made only at the store of D4Designs. No exchange may be done through the courier company.
The Client has a delay of fifteen (15) days for exchange. The price of the new article must be equal or superior to the returned article. Should the contrary occur, a credit note will be issued. The original sales receipt shall be requested for all exchanges.
The exchanged Product must be intact, complete, and in its original packaging.

5.3. Sale Items

No exchange or refund will be accepted for sale items. 

06 – Reservation of items:

Should one or more items be temporarily unavailable, a complimentary service of reservation on items is offered. Once the item(s) becomes available the client shall be informed by email to pick up within 2 days or to arrange for home delivery. Any unclaimed items after the set date shall be released from reservation, and put to sale again.

Alternatively, the client may choose to have the product delivered, following the regular delivery policy

07 - Guarantees

All the Products on sale on the Web site are guaranteed against manufacturing defects allowing the Client to exchange defective or non corresponding delivered Products within fifteen (15) days from the delivery day. Exchanges can only be done in the store. 
The Guarantee does not cover the deterioration of a Product as a result be of a misuse or of the non compliance with washing and care instructions indicated on the care labels and on the web site. 
D4Designs reserves the right to refuse to exchange an article in the case where the article presents signs of misuse or non-compliance with the care instructions.

08 – Liabilities

D4Designs commits to describe and display as accurately as possible every product sold on the Site. 
However, photos, size guides and the description of Products are given for information purposes and are not contractual. The afore said cannot in any case engage the liability of D4Designs. 
Similarly, D4Designs cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the use of the Internet network, i.e. an interruption of the service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

09 - Intellectual Property

All the content on the Site whether is protected under copyright. Logos and models which are displayed on the Site belong solely and exclusively to D4Designs.
Their disclosure does not amount to a license granted by D4Designs or a right to use any of the said features protected under a copyright. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, download, post, transfer or distribute any document which comes from the Site, in any way. 
However, this shall be authorized under the following circumstances: it is possible to download a copy of these documents on a computer for a strictly personal and non-commercial use provided that the Client does not change the information and keep the copyrights and other proprietary notices intact. 
The modification or the misuse of these documents amounts to a breach of the Intellectual Property rights of D4Designs.

10- Law And Jurisdiction

The Terms & Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the UAE.