Giving Back

“We Believe In Giving Back And We Chose To Give Back To The Needy”


We, at D4Designs, believe in “giving back”. Whether to our family, to our community or to the needy around us, giving back is not only an act of good deed; it is also a very rewarding act.


Along with the UAE Red Crescent, we have chosen to give back to the needy all over the world. It has always been our policy to donate second hand uniforms in good condition or uniforms with small defects to the less fortunate.


Today, we want you to be part of this beautiful act. You may, if you wish, return any used or unused item you have purchased from us. Kids grow and leave school; others leave the country, some may change schools - all of them grow out of their clothes. Their uniforms stay and will not be used again. Instead of throwing them, you may drop them to any one of our shops and we will wash them and donate them to any of the associations we proudly support.


Thank you for your help and generosity.