Caring For Your Items

The majority of our products are made of 100% cotton fabric. Many of our products are also pre-washed to avoid shrinking. In order to maintain the colour of your garment fresh for a longer period, we recommend you follow the instructions below:

Dark Colours:

  1. Use a detergent for dark colors: there are special detergents that are formulated to help hold the dye in place during the washing cycle, so that dye is less likely to run and the clothes are less likely to fade. We recommend a liquid detergent such as Persil (black Abaya) or similar. If you do not use a detergent labeled for dark colors, use one formulated for cold-water loads.
  2. Do not use bleach.
  3. Turn the garments inside out during washing.
  4. Use a cold water cycle (max 30 degrees).
  5. Do not use the dryer.
  6. Do not dry in direct sunlight.


  1. Check the content of the detergent; some detergents have strong whitening agents and while they may be appropriate for pure whites, they will cause fading on the darker trimmings (ex. Collar).
  2. Do not use the dryer.
  3. Do not use bleach:

For all garments we recommend a low spin cycle not to exceed 600 RPM